Oral Health

Dental caries is the leading chronic disease among Colorado children–5 times more prevalent than asthma.  This is troubling because:  1) This is 100% preventable; 2) Oral health is hugely important to a child’s wellbeing.

Why is oral health important?

Many parents underestimate the importance of oral health, prioritizing their pediatrician over their dentist, but research shows that oral health and general health are, in reality, one of the same.  In fact, not taking care of your child’s teeth from the start can have a negative impact your child for the rest of their life.

oral health for kidsChildren with Poor Oral Health Are More Likely to Experience:
  • Difficulty eating
  • Problems with general health and development
  • Poor performance in school
  • Negative social relationships
  • Less success later in life
  • PAIN!
Baby Teeth DO Matter!  They:
  • Allow your child to chew and eat properly
  • Help your child speak clearly
  • Shape your baby’s face
  • Guide adult teeth into place
  • Affect permanent teeth. Cavities and decay in baby teeth can spread to permanent teeth, causing painful and costly damage


6 Things You Can Do to Make Sure Your Child’s Mouth Is Healthy
oral health tips for kids