About Grand Beginnings

Child painting with feet
The Vision

Our vision is a community that values the health and development of young children, their families, and the professionals who work in early childhood.

Our Mission

The mission of Grand Beginnings is to promote a child-centered school readiness system that fosters early learning, facilitates healthy child development and promotes family success in Grand  and Jackson Counties.

Our Goals

Grand Beginnings’ goals are to:

  1. Educate family members on child health and development
  2. Increase the knowledge and education of the early childhood workforce
  3. Improve the collaboration and coordination of comprehensive early childhood services throughout Grand and Jackson County

Grand Beginnings is a coalition of community members and leaders representing families, early childhood education, health, mental health, family and child support services, K-12 education, businesses, and local government.

Grand Beginnings is a nonprofit agency that was formally established in 2003, to serve six incorporated towns within Grand County with an estimated population of approximately 585 children ages 0-5 years in 2016 and 56 children ages 0-5 in 2016 in Jackson County. The organization works to leverage partnerships and resources to strengthen comprehensive early childhood service and supports within Grand  and Jackson Counties so that children are ready for school. We do this by fostering high quality early learning environments, supporting child development and promoting family engagement. The organization’s priorities are to strengthen:Child and Family Graphic

Grand Beginnings is supported by both public and private investments including private foundation grant awards and local and state government grants and contracts.