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Grand Beginnings is Grand  and Jackson County’s early childhood resource for both families and professionals.  We believe all children deserve a quality early childhood experience. More About Grand Beginnings

The Case for Early ChildhoodEarly Childhood Stats

Investing in early childhood provides a foundation that supports wellbeing and success for the rest of a child’s life, cultivating productive, healthy citizens and better future communities. Moreover, parents who have quality, affordable care for their children form a better workforce for today’s society. Despite these facts, more support is needed for families in Colorado. Currently, licensed care centers have the capacity for only 43 percent of Colorado’s young children, and 1 in 4 parents experience financial hardships trying to get their kids high-quality early education.

That’s why Grand Beginnings works to bring 12 federal, state, and private funding streams to Grand and Jackson Counties.  We collaborate with families, early childhood professionals, and community agencies to bring evidence-based practices, coaching, training, tuition assistance, and advocacy to the county, building a more sustainable early childhood system for the community. More Evidence for Early Childhood